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Broadcasting your screen to internet, and recording to standard WMV file


Screen Broadcaster is a powerful broadcast&record screen software for Windows. When you play a presentation (PowerPoint), or move the cursor, launch a program, type some text,  click a few buttons, or select some menus, and more...


It can capture that you see on your screen, and compress as video with WMV/MSS2 codec, compress audio with MP3 codec, and broadcast to web with MMS protocol, record to standart WMV file. It is usually used to create demos, course, presentation.







      Key Features


    * Broadcasting screen on the LAN or internet use MMS-HTTP Streaming

    * Captures & Recoord screen to Windows Media Video file(WMV/ASF)

    * Select any portion of the screen for recording (Full Screen, Region)

    * Pauses/Resume recording

    * Video using WMV-9/WMV-HD codec

    * Video using Microsoft Screen 9 codec for more lower bandwidth

    * Record audio from your Microphone, CD Audio, Line In etc

    * MP3 Audio codec, Audio quality setting(32K~128K bps)

    * Using Windows Media Player to playback file, not require to install the third-Player

    * Using IE to watch web broadcasting, not require to install the third-Player

    * Mouse cursor recording

    * Change compression options such as video (50k~5Mbps), key frame rate (1~30 frame per second)

    * Define hotkeys for Start/Stop Recording, Pause/Resume, Star/Stop Broadcasting

    * Display of recording time and broadcasting time

    * Output video dimension configuration

    * Adjust volume level control during screen recording

    * Wwork invisible during recording

    * Run in system tray

    * Very easy to use

    * One year free upgrade



     Install Requirements


    * PC with Duo core 1.8 GHz or faster, 1GB of RAM

    * Windows 2000/ XP/2003/ Vista/7

    * Windows Media Player 9.0 later

    * DirectX 9.0c later