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Adobe Premiere Elements


Import photos with ease

With a single click, move photos from your memory card to your computer according to your preset preferences. Or scan several photos at once, and Adobe® Photoshop® Elements automatically divides, straightens, and saves each photo separately.

See everything in one place

View your photos and video clips in one convenient location. Photos are instantly organized by date, and related photos can be automatically grouped based on the time or the event where they were taken.

Organize visually

Categorize and find your photos the easy way with visual tags that represent people, places, pets, events, and objects. Instantly see every photo you've ever taken of your dog, for example, by simply clicking its visual tag.

Enjoy the latest Windows and Mac technologies

Take advantage of the hands-on capabilities of Windows® and Mac multitouch technology. And use Photoshop Elements 10 on the Windows 7 operating system. (Platform support varies worldwide.)